Launch Notes: 

Rewards are calculated and distributed daily

Eligible collections are refreshed from Tuesday to Saturday, at approximately 00:00 UTC on each day.

​​If you list an eligible NFT for sale at less than 2x the collection’s Global Floor Price*, you will be able to earn bonus MTD token rewards.

You will not receive any listing rewards for an eligible NFT if you list it at a price that is 2x higher than the collection’s Global Floor Price. However, if it is sold within seven days of being listed, you will be eligible for listing rewards on the day that the NFT is sold.


NFTs that meet certain criteria are eligible to receive listing rewards. Minted Launchpad collections will also be eligible for a certain period of time after their primary listing. You can always check the eligibility of collections here!

Rewards Calculation

Snapshots will be taken daily to capture listings that are eligible. A points system will be used to determine the share of the prize pool that your eligible listings have earned. Rewards are calculated as per the following formula:

(Your daily points / all users’ daily points) * total predetermined daily MTD rewards

The base points that will be allocated per listing is as follows:

Ethereum NFT Collections

Leaderboard Ranking

Points Assigned



#2 - #5

80 - 50 (-10 points per subsequent rank)

#6 - #10

45 - 25 (-5 points per subsequent rank)

#11 - #20

20 - 11 (-1 point per subsequent rank)

#21 - #50


Cronos NFT Collections

Leaderboard Ranking

Points Assigned

#1 - #5

10 - 2 (-2 points per subsequent rank)

#6 - #10


The leaderboard ranking is computed based on the global trading volume across the past 24 hours on Ethereum and Cronos. Do expect frequent changes as the market moves fast!

Bonus points will be awarded to newly listed collections utilising the Minted Launchpad for a certain period of time. Stay tuned for more details here.

There will also be a multiplier applied to the base points for each listing that fulfils the criteria below:

  • A 2x multiplier is applied to eligible NFTs listed at a price that is lower than the collection’s Global Floor Price.

  • A 1.5x multiplier is applied to eligible NFT listings when their price is higher or equal to its collection’s Global Floor Price, and lower than 1.1x its Global Floor Price.

At launch, Minted reserves the right to adjust points rewards based on market conditions and platform performance.

To maintain a fair distribution of MTD rewards for the Minted community, collections must have royalties above 0 in order to be eligible for listing rewards. Minted reserves the right to exclude collections from listing rewards based on several parameters. These include but not limited to the collection's Global Floor Price, the number of items in the collection, and a record of suspicious activity.

*Global Floor Price - The collection’s floor price on Minted and OpenSea (Ethereum) or Ebisu’s Bay (Cronos), whichever is lower. For the floor price from OpenSea and Ebisu’s Bay, this is refreshed only once per day during Minted’s beta phase.

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