Why is my wallet not connecting to Minted?

Wallet connection issues are common. They can be resolved by applying the following solutions:

  • Make sure your device is connected to the Internet

  • Clear your cache and restart your browser

  • Make sure your browser and wallet extension are updated

  • Make sure your wallet is set to mainnet instead of testnet

  • Make sure that you’re not running any ad-blocking browser extensions

  • Desktop computer browsers are recommended

Why can’t I see my NFTs on my profile?

You can regard your Minted profile as a projection of your crypto wallet, showing all the NFTs inside. That is why you need to have your wallet connected in order to view your NFTs. Please note that Minted does not store your items, and connecting your wallet only grants Minted access to view the transactions in your wallet. However, there are several reasons why NFTs may not be visible on your Minted profile. Here are some helpful tips that will help you to resolve this issue:

  1. Clear your cache, relaunch your browser, and reconnect to Minted. Additionally, make sure that you are connected to the correct wallet if you have more than one crypto wallet. Lastly, check whether the network is connected to the mainnet instead of the testnet.

  2. When there is heavy network congestion on the blockchain, it can take more time to complete the transaction than anticipated. You can visit CronoScan or Etherscan to search for your transaction hash and view your transaction’s status. Once the transaction is completed, your NFT will be visible in your wallet and Minted profile.

  3. If an NFT project’s individual items or entire collection violates our Terms of Service or community guidelines, your NFTs will not be visible. Note that the items or collection will still exist on the blockchain.

  4. NFT collections that are not listed on Minted will not be visible in your user profile as well. Don't see your collection on Minted? No worries, apply to get your collections shown on Minted by submitting this form.

How do I avoid transaction errors?

To avoid triggering transaction errors, we recommend the following:

  • Do not perform any transactions during server maintenance or downtime

  • Check your wallet balance before purchasing any NFT. Having insufficient funds in your wallet would result in an error in the purchase process

  • Turn off ad-blockers, VPNs, and other resource-heavy browser extensions to avoid having any issues accessing Minted

What are the potential causes of BAD_REQUEST error?

  • The maximum collection royalty can be set on Minted Network is 13%. If a user lists an NFT belonging to a collection with creator royalty larger than 13%, a bad_request error will appear, disallowing the user from listing.

  • All NFT trades and distribution of listing and harvesting rewards are interactions with smart contracts on the blockchain. However, these transactions can fail because of several issues that are out of our control. For example, volatility in particular networks or hiccups in the communication between smart contracts, web browsers, wallets, user’s device, etc.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid encountering a BAD_REQUEST error when transacting on Minted.

Network and Browser

  • A stable Internet connection is needed.

  • A VPN might be needed if you’re having difficulties connecting or are in a location where access to Minted is restricted.

  • Keep your device’s operating system and browser updated

  • Ensure that crypto wallet extension(s) is installed, and web3 API is enabled for both Ethereum and Cronos distributed applications in your browser.


  • Ensure that your wallet is connected and authorised for Minted

  • Please note that you will need to have a sufficient balance of CRO/WCRO and ETH/WETH to complete an order

  • Select mainnet as your chain network


  • Using a desktop browser is highly recommended.

  • Mobile device users MUST use MetaMask or DeFi Wallet’s in-app browser to complete transactions.

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