General Questions

How can I contact the Minted team?

Feedback and suggestions are more than welcome! You can reach out to us through Minted Network Discord!

How do I receive a verification badge for my collection?

You might’ve noticed that there are several NFT collections on Minted with a blue verification badge. This indicates one or more of the following:

  1. They have reached a certain trading volume

  2. They are among the most popular collections on Minted

  3. They are original and genuine NFT projects

If you're interested in obtaining verification for your NFT collection, you might just be able to do so soon. In the meantime, we are proactively verifying collections on a regular basis. Keep a lookout for yours!

Please note that verification does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Minted. Additionally, we reserve the right to remove a collection’s verification badge if it breaches Minted’s Terms & Conditions.

What currencies can I use on Minted?

You will need to trade with cryptocurrencies on Minted. The tokens that we currently support are Ether (ETH/WETH) and Cronos (CRO/WCRO).

How do I find my transaction hash?

You will be able to view your transaction hash once you have purchased an NFT.

Alternatively, you can visit the following platforms based on the blockchain that you are transacting on.

Cronos Chain Blockchain Explorer

Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

  1. Copy and paste your wallet address in the search bar.

  2. This will then take you to the address dashboard page.

  3. Transaction hashes can be found under the Txn Hash column.

  4. Click on any transaction to access the transaction hash.

How do I view the offers that my NFT has received?

Go to your user profile or to the collection details page, and select the specific NFT that you’d like to check on. From there, you can view the full list of offers that it has received.

How do I switch to a different blockchain in my wallet?

Minted allows users to trade NFTs on the Cronos and Ethereum networks. You will be able to switch blockchains within the same crypto wallet. Simply access your crypto wallet and pick either Cronos Mainnet or Ethereum Mainnet under the network settings.

Each wallet has a different way to switch blockchains. If you need any assistance with the process, you will need to consult the corresponding wallet’s user manual or customer support team.

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