Making an offer for an NFT

Alternatively, you may make an offer for an NFT to attempt to buy it at your preferred price instead.

To make an offer for an NFT:

  1. Navigate to the Collections page. If you have an NFT project that you’re already interested in, simply type it in the search bar.

  2. Select the NFT that you would like to make an offer for.

  3. Enter an offer amount and when it’ll expire. Then, click Make Offer. *Please note that you will need wrapped tokens to make an offer.

  4. Approve the transaction in your wallet to submit your offer. Your wallet should contain a minimum amount that’s equivalent to the bid you submitted. Otherwise, the NFT’s seller will not be able to accept your bid.

    *Note that you will not need to pay gas fees for making an offer. However, if this is the first time you are enabling wrapped token spending, you will need to grant permission in your wallet to access wrapped tokens and pay the related gas fee.

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