NFT Transaction Fees

We may charge transaction fees when you buy, sell, or transfer NFTs on Minted. Transaction fees are calculated based on various factors, including market conditions and network status.

Platform Fees

Listing your NFTs is free on Minted! Fees will be deducted only when your listing is sold. You can list your digital assets for sale without paying any fees or charges. However, we do charge a 2% fee for every transaction made on Minted.

*50% of our platform fees are disbursed to MTD stakers. Simply deposit MTD to be a part of this community. Learn more about MTD staking here.

Gas Fees

Minted does not control nor receive the gas fees that you pay. Gas prices will rise because of network congestion when there is a high level of activity on the blockchain.

Gas fees are incurred when you:

  • Approve a token or contract from your wallet for the first time

  • Buy an NFT

  • List an NFT of a collection for the first time

  • Update or cancel an NFT listing

  • Accept an offer for your listing

  • Convert wrapped tokens to unwrapped tokens, and vice versa

Royalty Fees

NFT royalties allow the creator of a digital collectible to receive a percentage of the sale price every time it exchanges hands in a marketplace. This applies to any NFT that has royalties written into it, whether it’s a song, piece of art, or even a web domain.

Buy/Sell Fees Table

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