Brand Assets & Usage

Minted users are welcome to create with our logos and icons. We encourage creators to come up with unique art based on the brand assets provided below.

As a condition to using the Minted brand assets to create derivative works, please give attribution and ensure that you follow our brand guidelines below. These guidelines clarify the ways you can and cannot use the Minted brand assets in derivative works. These guidelines also contain legal disclosures and a general set of questions and answers that address common inquiries and concerns.

Lastly, please tag us on social media. We’d love to take a look at your collectibles!


  • Do feel free to create artwork with Minted's brand assets when partnerships are formed and officially announced by the Minted team.

  • Do feel free to celebrate Minted NFT drops or highlight your NFT collection.

  • Do be respectful of others! Give credit where credit is due, and respect third party rights, including copyright, publicity rights and intellectual property rights.

  • Do report any content which violates these guidelines.


  • Do not use the Minted name to create an account, product, or service which could be confused for an official account, product or service of Minted.

  • Do not use the Minted brand assets to create any merchandise or physical products.

  • Do not use any of our brand assets that implies an official partnership or endorsement if it does not exist.

  • Do not combine Minted brand assets with any third party brand name, image, trade mark or other intellectual properties, unless you have obtained such third party's express authorisation to do so!

  • Do not impersonate Minted or any other person or entity, commit identity theft, dox other persons or publish another’s private information without their explicit permission.

  • Do not produce any derivative works from Minted brand assets that might be illegal, defamatory, derogatory, libellous, fraudulent, hateful, harmful, obscene, unethical or otherwise offensive.

  • Do not use any Minted brand assets except those set out in these guidelines, and in accordance with these guidelines.

  • Do not use Minted's trademarks or brand assets for anything that would be inconsistent with Minted's Terms and Conditions or Code of Conduct.

Minted's trademarks are owned by Minted and may only be used as provided in these guidelines or with Minted's permission. Nothing herein transfers or changes Minted's ownership of the Minted trademarks. Minted will enforce its rights against persons that misuse its trademarks. Minted may revoke permission to use its trademarks at any time.

Logo Variations

A horizontal logo is preferred. The vertical logo can be used when there are layout constraints. The Minted icon can be used in various ways.

Also, please ensure that all logos are proportionally placed. The ‘X’ is measured from the icon divided by four. We will use the same measurements throughout the Minted brand guidelines.

Logo Restrictions

Please do not misuse Minted’s brand assets by doing the following. Click the image or click here to download.

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