Email Notification

Minted Network users can sign up for email notifications. Before that you will need to sign up and verify your email!

Sign up for email notifications

  1. Connect your crypto wallet and head to My Profile page

  2. Click โ€œEditโ€ on the top right corner

  3. Input email address

  4. Select your email notification preference

  5. Toggle on "Offer Received"

  6. Click โ€œConfirmโ€ to proceed

  7. Check your email inbox for verification email

  8. Click the magic link for verification

Unsubscribe from email notification

Method 1: Unsubscribing from user profile

  1. Visit My Profile page and click โ€œEditโ€ on the top right corner

  2. Toggle off email notification

Method 2: Unsubscribing from email footer

  1. Pull one of the email notifications from your mailbox

  2. Click unsubscribe in the email footer

  3. You will be redirected to Minted Network to connect and sign in your wallet

  4. Click the unsubscribe button to proceed

  5. You should be able to see the confirmation

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