Claiming Listing & Trading Rewards

Listing and Trading rewards are distributed daily and they can be claimed on a daily basis as well. You can view and claim all your MTD earnings in the Rewards page. You will receive the following for each claim you make:

  • 25% of the reward in the form of MTD is deposited directly to your wallet

  • 25% of the reward will be deposited in a 1 month vault

  • 25% of the reward will be deposited in a 6 months vault

  • 25% of the reward will be deposited in a 12 months vault

You can increase your lock-up period to earn more MTD. For additional details, please refer to Increasing Your Deposit and Upgrading Your Locking Period.

Total Pending Rewards - The sum of pending Listing Rewards and pending Trading rewards, you only need one action to claim Listing Rewards and Trading rewards together.

Note: you will be able to claim listing and trading rewards separately.

The Claim button will be disabled until there are rewards available to be claimed.

Hereโ€™s how you can claim your rewards:

  1. Connect your wallet if you havenโ€™t done so.

  2. Click Claim to initiate a wallet transaction and collect your rewards.

*Data will refresh upon calculation period.

After claiming your listing rewards, 25% will be deposited to your wallet, and the other 75% will be automatically deposited into three separate vaults. Each vault has its own locking period and your MTD will be unlocked on different dates.

You can view and withdraw your available MTD under Total Unlocked, or continue to enjoy earning token rewards until you withdraw the deposit.

Total Locked refers to the amount of MTD that is still deposited in the vaults.

Expiration Date refers to the date that the latest deposit will be unlocked.

*Both the expiration date and locking period will be updated when you upgrade your deposits.

Minted reserves the right to adjust rewards based on market conditions and platform performance.

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