Using Etherscan to set royalties

NFT collection owners can adjust creator earnings on-chain with

Method 1

*For collections using the EIP-2981 standard.

  1. Launch Etherscan in your preferred web browser.

  2. Enter the collection’s contract address in the Ethereum Blockchain Explorer section.

  3. Click Contract in the Contract Overview section and select Write Contract.

  4. Click Connect to Web3.

  5. Scroll down the list and update the royalties setting section. *if you’re not able to find this section, consider using Method 2 below.

  6. Click Write to confirm the update.

Method 2

  1. Open the royalties setter in your preferred web browser.

  2. Expand the “Contract” tab and select Write Contract.

  3. Click Connect to Web3 and note that functions are only executable by the smart contract owner or administrator.

  4. Select the function that is applicable to your role:

    1. updateRoyaltyInfoForCollectionIfAdmin: If your contract does not have an owner or setter, but it has an admin.

    2. updateRoyaltyInfoForCollectionIfOwner: If your contract does not have a setter, but it has an owner.

    3. updateRoyaltyInfoForCollectionIfSetter: If you have already set royalties previously and are currently editing them.

  5. Expand the function to update your NFT collection’s royalties for the entire collection.

  6. Fill the required information in your selected function:

    • Collection address - Your collection’s contract address

    • Setter address - The address that you would like to use to manage the collection. Can be the same as the owner or admin.

    • Receiver address - The address that receives your royalties. You’re not recommended to input the same address for both the receiver and setter fields as that would cause a potential operational security risk.

    • Fee - The royalty percentage that you would like to receive in uint256 standard. E.g. 500 = 5%, 1,000 = 10%

  7. Click Write to submit. You will then be asked to pay gas fees and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Creator royalty above 13% will cause a bad_request error. See What are the potential causes of BAD_REQUEST error? for more information.

Disclaimer: Minted bears no responsibility or obligation to set royalties for collections listed on our platform. For collections where royalties have not been set by the collection owners, Minted will not set, accrue, charge or collect royalties on behalf of the collection owners.

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