What are NFT royalties?

NFT royalties allow the creator of a digital collectible to receive a percentage of the sale price every time it exchanges hands in a marketplace. This applies to any NFT that has royalties written into it, whether it’s a song, piece of art, or even a web domain.

For the most part, EIP2981 NFT developers can update the royalties for their collectibles directly in their contracts. Once the royalties are updated, the changes will automatically be reflected on Minted. For non-EIP2981 contracts, authorised individuals will be able to modify their NFT royalties by using the following methods (See Method 2 in the each article).

Disclaimer: Minted bears no responsibility or obligation to set royalties for collections listed on our platform. For collections where royalties have not been set by the collection owners, Minted will not set, accrue, charge or collect royalties on behalf of the collection owners.

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