Listing an NFT for sale

Minted currently supports multi-chain NFT trading on the Cronos and Ethereum blockchains. You can easily source and trade your desired assets from these two networks using the built-in filters and switching your wallet to the relevant chains. However, Minted does not support bridging NFTs across chains.

As a self-custody platform, your listed NFT will remain in your wallet, allowing you to list them and receive offers across multiple platforms. If you have listed an NFT on Minted and it gets sold on another platform, that particular NFT listing will become inactive on Minted. Users will not be able to purchase the NFT and you won’t be able to manage the listing.

*If you do retrieve the NFT after selling it, the listing might be reactivated if it is still within the expiration date you set. If you do not wish to sell it, you must take down the listing.

  1. Select the NFT you would like to sell and click on List NFT. If you can’t find that particular NFT, make sure that you're connected to the right wallet.

  2. Enter the sale price and when the listing will expire. Click List Item to confirm the listing.

  3. Approve the collection contract with a one-time gas fee payment if you are listing an NFT from a particular collection for the very first time.

    *Listing is free on Minted! Platform fees and royalties (if applicable) will be deducted from your sale price when the NFT is sold.

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